Welcome back

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Welcome back noble travelers of the internet.

After a time off I am back and ready once more to share with you my thoughts.

Much has changed, many things need to be explained, invented and taught.

But never fear I will go slowly and with much care for I know the path is rocky and the train of thought obscure.

Along with what you have come to expect form the mighty Yeti Geologist, conspiracy’s, strange lists and stranger thoughts (as well as over use of brackets and poor grammar)

I will this time strive to teach you further survival skills, the origins of a myriad of cryptozoological creatures as well as how to survive an encounter with them.

and probably something to do with Aliens.

Oh and hopefully a regular once a week update schedule unlike last time.


Till next time so long and welcome back to the pit.



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