Video games

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Thoughts
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So right now I am struggling to sleep and as such you get to read my ramblings once more.

Having gone the last 2 and a half years without really playing video games except on my phone( definitely not the same) I once more have a desktop computer.

So with all the amazing games that have come out in the last few years what did i decide to play? well being the up to date and stylish person that i am i need a game that would blow me away with its graphics and physics something amazingly complex with subtle story telling, so many choices do I go for Portal or perhaps Skyrim or The last of us or bio shock so much to choose from….

So of course the first thing I installed was Civilization 1, a game that is older than my wife.

So far I am loving it!

The first time i played this game it must of already been 10 or 15 years old instead of the now 24 and after 9 years and countless improvements in gaming and computing technology it may still be my favorite game.

I honestly couldn’t tell you why but for some reason I never get bored of it and while I have thought of upgrading to one of the newer versions i just don’t see the need while i still love this one, but feel free to tell me why i’m missing out on amazing features and should consider again upgrading to a game with recognizable units instead of squares with a pattern on them(i might even listen). Or tell me of some newer much better game maybe something from this century even but for now i’m off to conquer the world.


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