Conspiracy Theory 16: Free energy

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Conspiracy theory's
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So it’s time to learn more about what’s happening behind the scenes of this world you think you live in.

The world is full that is rarely questioned, there are too many people and not enough resources for the way we live.

This is something that is brought up as much by long haired hippy environmentalists saying we need to revert back to a paleo locally sourced gluten free vegan diet and stop having children, as it is by red neck uber nationalists that think we just need to nuke a few of the more populated countries so we can take their resources (the ones they so greedily deprive us of so they can eat) before the next world war wipes out two thirds of humanity.

But what if I told you there is actually more than enough for everybody,  that the only thing keeping the world in demand is the fact that if everyone has everything they need cheaply the rich are no longer rich. You see energy is one of mankind’s biggest stumbling blocks. The industrial revolution has in the space of a few hundred years lifted us up too a level that cannot be sustained by coal or oil for much longer, regardless of global warming eventually if all you do is burn things you will run out of things to burn. (and when there’s nothing left to burn you’ve got to set yourself on fire.)

So a change is needed. Now apart from solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and tidal all of which are amazing and are horribly under utilized and researched, There is of course Nuclear.

But nuclear is just the bridge to get us to free cosmic energy. Cosmic energy was discovered by Tesla years ago and is only just starting to be discovered again now. This is the problem a free clean energy source doesn’t make anyone money. It will cost current energy producers money. it costs manufacturers money when they no longer have cheap labor because all of a sudden the costs of industrializing the third world have dropped to a tiny percent of what they were and those same people now have clean water and electricity and an internet connection and so don’t have to work for a dollar a day for their children to live out the week.

You see if oil and coal are obsolete power is decentralized and when that happens power can’t be abused nearly as easily so it’s much better for those in power to keep the world poor than to step back and be one of the crowd again.

So rise up and demand cosmic energy for all (or don’t who am i to tell you what to do)

  1. Too right but how is this change going to happen?


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