The Kracken

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Cryptozooloigy
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The Kracken.

One of the most feared sea monsters. The giant tentacled beast that will pull you down and rip the flesh from your bones, but it turns out it’s real and they have been around for a crazy amount of time (according to the study I mention latter since the Triassic)

Now the tales of Kracken are most abundant from whalers back before this was outlawed. This makes sense for two reasons first they spend huge amounts of time on the sea constantly watching for large beasts, and secondly because as this talk from the Geological society of america hypothesizes the ancient kracken ate whales,  ichthyosaurs if i’m to be exact, a distant relative of the sperm whale that grew to about 14m in length. A feeding ground in which these colossal beasts seem to have been arranged into the shape of a kracken is suggested to be the first ever self portrait on earth. (check the pic here)

Now as for why sightings of them have dropped, and why the giant squid we see today are nowhere near the size of the mighty kracken from stories. Simply we killed them with our whaling. or to be fairer we killed their food supply, you see a giant squid will not die of old age their cells don’t degrade over time like ours and so they are in a way immortal except from any other cause of death like starvation or fighting or illness of some sort. You see the truly massive 200ft kracken of the stories there were probably only ever half a dozen of these beasts squids that had managed to live for 3 or 4 hundred years constantly growing bigger as they age, eating whales and other ocean mega fauna. when we hunted the whales to near extinction we no doubt caused them to travel further and take more risks hunting not to mention the few we managed to kill while whaling.

This does lead to one giant upside though that in the years to come, now that whaling is greatly scaled back we may see more and more giant squid and the possibility of a creature that deserves the title of kracken once more.

One quick tip for if you do see a kracken tame it, ride it and rule the seas.


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