Conspiracy Theory 17: 3D printers

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Conspiracy theory's
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I hear you say, 3D printers aren’t a conspiracy whats wrong with you?!

so so many things…

But as for 3D printers, they certainly have a conspiracy building around them as you sit here reading my ramblings.

You see 3D printers while being amazing, useful and over rated for now are, just the beginning of the trip to replicators, which much like free energy “the powers that be” don’t want us have.

Now the idea of 3D printers that can build anything may seem far fetched but we are not so far away from molecule placing 3D printers and once the gap to atom placing 3D printers has been reached then all bets are off. Everything is available to everyone for a handful of dirt and some air. i recommend listening to the interview with James Burke here on the You Are Not So Smart podcast where he explains it better than I can.

But for those of you to lazy or unable he basically predicts that we are not far away from having a machine that can syntheses  any object you can think off by recreating it atom by atom and so all you need are the right kind of atoms and presto you have whatever you need.

As you no doubt guess this is less than ideal for the people that currently have the money and the power. but probably for the rest of us too.

I’ll leave that for your own minds to figure out.

Until next time  good people


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