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A distant relative of Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman but absolutely no relation to the mighty Yeti.

While rumors and sightings folk tales and myth have been talking about Sasquatch almost as long as humans have talked back in 1990 they finally found some evidence for western scientists to study and confirm what everybody already new Sasquatch is real. For those not willing to take my word for it follow the link here to the (Smithsonian) article about it.

Sasquatch is a south Asian giant ape approximately 10ft tall and weighing 1200 pounds that mostly walks on all fours and eats berries and bamboo. Now the article above will tell you that it is extinct and has not been around for 1 million years, this is of course rubbish just like the recently re-discovered  Ili Pika (better known as the teddy bear faced bunny) or the thought gone for 65 million years Colacanth.

The reason is it’s really hard to find an animal that doesn’t want to be found if there aren’t many of them and they live in remote places or places where people don’t care what the animal is like southern china where half a dozen “extinct” animals have been found in market places up for sale as meat. Now Sasquatch is the dull, fat, vegetarian cousin of the smaller but much more agile and aggressive Abominable Snowman Found in the Himalayas and the much smarter Bigfoot found in the northwest of north america. But we will leave those for another day.

Sasquatch is an easy animal for humans to interact with being closer to a panda bear than a grisly or a polar bear. it is also an animal that human should have no trouble domesticating so if you do go hunting for the Sasquatch don’t shoot it, befriend him, share a sandwich with him, maybe go fishing or play some soccer with them just don’t hurt the poor gentle creatures.