Conspiracy theory 18: Banks

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Conspiracy theory's
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Banks oh Banks is there anymore trusted and yet hated institution? well maybe the government or tax man.

Still the reviled and yet uniformly used Banks are in the firing line this week.

Now I hear you all say all “we already know that all banks are owned by the Rothschild’s, that they are part of an all powerful Jewish cabal of international bankers and diamond merchants, that they cause all wars and are secretly ushering in the new world order.”

Well to that I say  Pffftt if only, that would be easily stoppable, and before you ask no it’s not the Illuminati, the Freemasons or even one of the three different alien races scrambling for control of this world that you have to worry about either, in this case anyway.

It’s not even the fact that the world is in more debt than there is physical currency (this should shock and appall you still)

No the banking threat is simply the fact that soon (a generation or two) every single person on the globe will have a bank account.

“Wait what” I hear you yell at me through your window as i crouch outside seeing how you like my new post that unfortunately goes nowhere.

We will gloss over the fact that i’m stalking you and continue to talk about banks who will soon rule the world, or at least be a cog in the machine that does you see while you might not have to worry about the lizard people or the ranga-mole alliance or even the grey, a new player has thrown their hat in the ring to claim earth this one made entirely of people who have discovered the truth and are trying to fight back. From what i can gather they have been for the last few hundred years been acquiring all the worlds banks as well as other major corporations and think that money may save them and help them to conquer the world instead of being slaves to alien races.

So it might be time to pick a side before it’s game over for those of you trapped in the middle.


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