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The Chupacabra the demon beast that haunts central america if you follow the link below you will find video and description from an encounter by author, magician and all round weirdo Andrew Mayne

Also above you will see a skeleton that shows you what they look like dead.

Now many people will try and tell you that they are just raccoon’s or similar with mange, or that sightings jumped and became more spiky after the movie species came out or that for a viable population exist there would need to be hundred if not thousands of the creatures that should be easily spotted. To all this I say bah, are you so naive!

The Chupacabra is of course the result of genetic testing by the lizard people as they try and incorporate their own DNA into earth creatures to  Tera-form the planet. What we find and call El Chupacabra are the experiments that escape the ones that were too aggressive, deformed or otherwise useless. that is why descriptions vary so greatly and why some stories have them shy and peaceful characters and others hyper aggressive killers.

If you find one be sure to capture it if you can, if not run as they may carry a variety of diseases that are currently unknown to earth medicine and even if they don’t kill you they may leave you dying in slow and painful ways as yet imagined by even the most twisted of minds


Mother will be home soon,

I have to hurry,

Mother will be home soon,

I shouldn’t be here,

Mother will be home soon,

She wont like it if she finds me out of my room,

Mother will be home soon…

Fear grips me and i begin to shake, My knuckles turn white as I clench my fist and close my eyes imagining what will happen if mother finds me. Pain snaps me out of my anxiety I look at my hand in the dim moon light and see i have drawn blood with my fingernails, I suck the blood and shake the thoughts from my head. too late to worry now, I have broken out of my room even if I return now mother will know I tried and punish me all the same. No. I have to leave now, no more of mothers rules no more of mothers punishments, i have to leave.

I exit the hallway and walk into the kitchen.

Dappled moon light streams through the window dancing across the wall, appearing to move as the branch it has to pass through sways in the breeze, it glints off knives and pans the light catching bursting to brightness then dying just as suddenly. Everything a monochrome of silver and black. I ease my way around the corner of the kitchen table groping half blind in the dim light.  My foot catches something and I trip, before i can stop myself my hand shoots out and I send a pot crashing from the wall on to my head.

I freeze in the dark ignoring the the bruise already growing behind my left ear where the large copper pot hit me. I lay there not even breathing listening for sounds that mother might have heard the noise.

I shouldn’t be here.

I shouldn’t be here.

Mother will be home soon.

I shouldn’t be here.

Mother will be home soon.

Mother will punish me…

The words echo in my head fighting to be heard above the beating of my heart.

I finally suck in a breath, my head swims as I start to stand back up, I hold on to the table for support and finish pulling myself up.

I cross through the kitchen and into the entryway and start to grope for the door handle trying to find the lock. I begin to imagine what the outside is like, I don’t have any idea, my room has no windows and I cant remember when i last left it, as for outside I have never been outside. i can only imagine a world of wonder and brightness, my only clues come from the scraps of paper mother has left behind by accident. Aah! I find the bolt and slide it back. I rest my hand on the handle. I never thought this day would come.

The handle turns away from under my grip. I panic grab the handle and trow the door back…

I see mother silhouetted by the light outside as if she is made of shadow.

I collapse to the floor and begin to weep.