Posted: August 8, 2015 in Thoughts
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Books Books Books.

I have too many books (as if there is such a thing) I realise this now because I am moving and so have to pack and move them all. this is not fun. but I can guarantee that I will probably buy another book before I move and more again before I find a place to stay long-term.

Books are worth the hassle though. Nothing else works quite so well in grabbing someone elses ideas or imagination and cramming it in your head. nothing else inspires and motivates quite so well or so regularly and timelessly. Think about it when was the last time you were inspired by a hundred year old film, unless you’re a compulsive film watcher like myself you have probably never even bothered to watch a movie that old (good choice). It just doesn’t happen other than from a film history point of view (or that one Charlie Chaplin speech) these movies have no real emotional power or motivational effect. Books on the other hand, a hundred year old horror book can still scare you, a two hundred year old text-book still teach you, a thousand-year old romance still make you blush and a three thousand year old adventure will still excite you. books are ageless in a way movies never can be.

This is where some bright spark will say what about plays Shakespeare is timeless and old and movies are just logical extensions of plays, just a play you can watch again and again, to that I say two things first Shakespeare is a hack and while my word is by no means to be trusted Tolstoy the greatest writer to ever live agrees with me or I guess I should say I with him. either way go read Tolstoy on Shakespeare found free here ( audio book or Pdf) and secondly plays aren’t meant to be preformed the same way over and over and are boring and tiresome when they are.

Music though does keep its worth the classical music of choppin, Mozart or iron maiden will still be here in a thousand years. But while uplifting or depressing or inspiring it doesn’t impart ideas or motivate change it can’t grab the thoughts of its writer and shove them in your brain like a book it just dances over the top giving you a slight emotional change.

So in closing recommend a good book to me I need to go buy some more.


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