Posted: August 13, 2015 in Thoughts
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So it’s finally happened I bought a comic book.

I expect my official nerd license in the mail any day now having completed the final task of the master nerd checklist.

For those unaware I include a copy of the master nerd checklist. Without completing these tasks you may not call yourself a nerd

  • Watch the starwars OT
  • Watch the original startrek tv series
  • Watch the first season of doctor who
  • Watch a season of anime
  • Watch all studio ghibli films
  • Read an Asimov novel
  • Read an Arthur c Clarke novel
  • Read the silmarillion
  • Play dungeons and dragons
  • Play a game made by blizzard
  • Read a complete  comic book story

So now that the final task has been crossed off my master nerd training is complete I must journey on to the next rank, that of the über nerd whose requirements can not be disclosed to the uninitiated.

So if anyone has a pair of suspenders or a pair of thick rimmed glasses i am now in the market for some. So let me know.


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