Posted: August 20, 2015 in Stories
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Oh shiny!

I like shiny things the way they glint and sparkle,  they give me warm and happy thoughts.

Where did it go?

Hmmm I need to get to the shiny. Oh its up on that ledge. I don’t think I can reach that high.

I can’t quite see what it is but it’s definitely shiny maybe its valuable?

Maybe its gold…

or diamonds…

or a robot.

I hope it’s a robot!

I like robots, they are friendly and smart and helpful. I would love a robot friend. I need to find a way up there.

It’s just out of reach maybe if I find something to stand on. Yes! That rock if I can roll that rock over here then I should be able to reach it.

There we go. Now if it will just stay still I can grab the ledge and pull myself up and see  what the shiny is.


Ahh the rock moved


it hurts


my feet are stuck


I… I can’t feel my legs?!

I can’t move my arms

Ohhh my head hurts so much I cant take it.

I’m seeing spots!

Ohhh good the pain is fading

I’m so very tired….

  1. kmanian manifold says:

    Roll that rock, baby.


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