Drop bears

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Cryptozooloigy
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Drop bears are the biggest threat to Australia today, not terrorism not boat people or climate change not even our terrible politicians.

Yet drop bears are considered a fairy tale, a cute joke to scare tourists but they are very real.

You see i have a theory and you should go over to  kickstarter and check out my proposal to find and document drop bears and if your generous throw some money my way and do your part to end this menace.

Drop bears or Thylarctos plummetus to use the scientific name have been documented in the Australian museum but many detractors and deniers have claimed this was just a joke. much as the platypus was first considered a joke despite being quite real.

As the distribution map shows all of Tasmania is a home to drop bears and because there are no Koalas I will not find a false positive.

drop bear_big

Now some of you will scoff, quite frankly I am fine with that. Because I know when I find and prove the existence and stop people from ignoring the drop bear menace i will have made a difference. I will have made the world a better place.

so please even if you doubt the existence of drop bears swing over to kickstarter and throw $7 my way to watch the documentary you might just learn something.

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