Posted: September 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So as you may know i have a kickstarter up and running where I hope to film a drop bear documentary koala

It has a week left and as of writing this I’ve reached 1% of my goal. So stop what your doing and head over right now and throw me some love and money, or hate and money, or really just money, I really want your money.

Now that the begging is done let me explain why kickstarter is great even if it fails me in reaching my goal.

Apart from all the “it gets people in touch with the public” and “it cuts all the gatekeepers out and lets in more diversity”.

No the real reason is that anybody can fund things that they find useful,  interesting, fun or just plain stupid but want to see happen. This gives everyone with a spare $10 the chance to be a patron and contribute to the growth of culture. Who knows the poor fool who you help Kickstart could be the next Nolan, Rowling or Warhol. Or just a fool with a fun dream.

But far more interestingly you have helped make something exist that wouldn’t have without you and that is amazingly wonderful.


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