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Old London town is in fact much older than you think and has a few special privileges to go along with the fact that it predates the country of england and the british empire by a good 1000+ years and was never military conquered.

But first a few of the facts.

London city is a square mile roughly in the middle of london.

London city was never conquered but in fact signed a treaty with william the conquer which granted it special rights.

It still holds to a medieval voting system that recognizes guilds.

The Queen will ask permission of the Lord mayor of london city to enter. (They say this is mere tradition than law. I know better)

It is incredibly wealthy and owns land outside of the city limits although these are subject to british law.

Now this is where the “official” story ends but london city has a much richer secret history that starts with the druids that founded and then the Romans and Jewish kabalahist that built london into the powerhouse it is today.

Quick note:

Now don’t mistake the Jewish kabalahist with Jewish  Zionist they hate each other and are definitely not working together.

The druids founded London before any records were kept the earliest known records show london as an already ancient city, when the roman road builders came along many of them Jewish kabalahist they helped build it up and with the fall of Rome made it their home where for century’s they built and made stronger the greatest city in the world.

They are unique in the world at present for having no alliance or allies among the other secret and powerful sects that struggle for control of the planet and yet seem protected from any attack by means I am currently unable to discover. But be sure that when I do (for I surely will) I shall let you valiant men and women know so that you may be ready when hard times hit.

So prepare my friends for the wars grow ever closer and the darkness closes in.


The Tablets pt 3

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Three of us stayed behind to take a look at the tablets. I didn’t know either of the others well, there was, of course Christie the top of our class, she no doubt saw it as a challenge and thought she could figure it out or at least found it curious and wanted a closer look. The other I was surprised to see I didn’t know his name but he always sat at the back and never took notes, he was seeming happy to pass with no real ambition otherwise. He looked tired, no worse than tired, he looked sick his face pale, cheeks sunken and sweat sticking his limp dirty blonde hair to his scalp despite the mild temperature.

Professor lewis looked us over.
“Ok you three follow me and we will have a look at these tablets, they are kept in the sub-basement below the biology building you know”
As he led us down the staircase into the poorly lit storage facility I could feel my heart beat faster, building, the blood rushing through my veins. It was ecstasy. I felt so very alive my senses were stronger I could hear our footsteps echo downs the small stairs and knew without looking that we were just two flights away from the sub-basement, I could make out the cracks in the wall and the little bugs that lived in them. I felt so very alive!

The sickly boy faltered and tripped catching himself on the railing.

“Markus you alright  boy?” Professor lewis exclaimed.

Markus croaked out a small weak “yes fine sir”

“Very well then lets continue and watch your step it will be dark in the archives we have to use a low red light you know to protect some of the more delicate pieces and there are lots of valuable relics besides the tablets that the university has discovered over the years, couldn’t have you damaging some priceless artifact and getting kicked out so close to graduating” “hmm waste of a fine education” he ended with a thump.

At the bottom of the stairs the professor pulled out his key and opened the way for us.

He opened the door and we stepped into the cool red light that was the sub-basement storage facility.
The professor led us down rows of accent parchments and artifacts untill he reached a cabinet at the end of one of the rows. He pulled out a key and opened up the doors revealing the tablets.

My mind swam, everything faded to black except the tablets, they seemed to jump up out of the cabinet and sit centimeters  from my face. The symbols began to move and morph each one changing and twisting in ways that didn’t seem physical possible. Then I began to notice the shadows around the tablets, the monstrous figures only half glimpsed and seemingly made of the shadows they inhabited, but some how all the more grotesque and repulsive for that fact. One of them reached out for me with a shadowy tentacle. I wanted to run to leave and never return but I couldn’t move, I was frozen in place unable to even fend off my attacker terror overwhelmed me as he spoke,


It was what I imagine was the language written on the tablets, I still had no idea what it meant but it was deep and guttural  full of menace and age, but more than anything full of hate and at that moment I knew I was going to die,  and die a painful and terrible death.