Conspiracy theroy 19: Ahmed’s clock

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Conspiracy theory's
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So you all know the story by now,  young boy builds a clock, it goes off teacher panics and call the cops, young boy is arrested.

Now between people yelling racism and others saying it was all stages as part of some government scam to… make people look rasict. Honestly I’m not sure what that conspiracy is really about, other than the fact that he pulled apart a clock and put it back together in a different box rather than build it himself.

But both sides are missing the big picture the scam behind the scam part of a bigger plot.

Yes the teacher that called the cops overreacted, yes Ahmed didn’t really build the clock and was hoping to get a reaction, yes it was a publicity stunt by Obama and Zuckerberg to invite him to the white house and Facebook respectively. But what does this gain anybody? All it has done is drive people further apart.

That of course is the end goal and part of an operation that’s aim is to plunge America into a second civil war.

It is all part of dividing Americans along with police brutality cases, the popes visit condemning capitalists, the recent spate of mass shootings Obama’s push for tighter gun laws and Trumps push for looser gun law. It along with a hundred other small campaigns are designed to rip america in half, not with one giant act but though a thousand small and weakening cuts.

As you know the US is controlled by the space alien lizard people and the grey aren’t too happy about that and this is part of their plan to collapse the US and take over and rebuild from the rubble. It’s still too early to tell if the grey are in league with the mole people or if they will also soon be at war. Time will tell and once I figure it out you dear readers will be the first to know.

Remember don’t trust anyone!


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