The Tablets pt 2

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Stories
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I awoke in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, haunted by dreams of creatures hidden in shadow, vaguely human but somehow insubstantial, always the symbols from the tablets in glowing letters overlaying  every image and burned into my memory.

My breath ragged I reached for the glass of water on my bed side table, in my frightened and confused state I knocked the glass off the table and onto the floor, shattering the glass and sending water flowing in every direction.

I cursed and fumbled for the light, blinking and squinting as I found it and was dazed by its harsh glow.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, head in my hands as I tried to regain some composure.

I stood up and walked to the kitchen to grab a dust pan and towel to clean up the mess, I shook my head trying to clear the dream from my mind but I was unable to shake the feeling of being watched, of something lurking in the shadows.

misshapen figures seemed to dart around the shadows just out of view. I cleaned the mess and giving up on sleep went back into my room to study untill sunrise.

As the cold light of dawn started to slide through the window I looked down and realised I had done more work in the last 4 hours than I had in the previous month. I blinked and smiled the shadows had stopped seeming menacing the symbols from the tablets no longer burned in my vision.

I decided to go for a run before class, for three hours sleep I felt remarkable.

I got to class twenty  minutes early hoping to talk to professor Lewis, I was full of energy, almost erratic I was struggling to keep still, my arms seemed to dance about of their own volition.

When professor Lewis showed up I almost leapt from excitement. I ran over to him the words spilling out of my mouth as I greeted him

“Professor how are you, good, I was hoping to get a look at those tablets”

Professor Lewis took what seemed to me in my hyper alert state to take an age to comprehend what I had said and reply

“are you feeling ok you seem a little on edge”

“Yeah yeah I’m great, never been better. Now those tablets I really need to take a look at them I’m sure I can figure them out I just need a proper look” the words rushed out of my mouth like I was an excited school boy.

Professor lewis looked at me with concern and cautiously said “well that is the deal I suppose, I can’t give you a challenge and then not let you have a crack at it now can I”

He shook his head and almost mournfully said

“After the lecture stay behind and I’ll give you and any other student that wants a look a chance to study the tablets up close”

I thanked him and went and found a seat for the lecture my mind buzzing with the symbols once more. My hands tapped and legs bouncing as I tried to sit still knowing I had an hour of lectures  to get through.

The hour seemed to drag on and I struggled to pay attention to anything the professor said until finally he started to make his closing remarks.

“Ok everyone as you know my offer for translating the tablets still stands, I’ve had one ambitious hopeful come and ask to see the tablets for themselves already, so anyone that would like to see them is welcome to stay after class and I will take you all back to my office and we will have a look.”


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