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The Tablets pt 6

Posted: November 27, 2015 in Stories
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We started the next day and Markus went though what he had already discovered. He had not been exaggerating the day before, the work he had done was amazing and would have made quite a good start for a phd thesis. Then he showed me the photos of the tablets.

The symbols shifted and were hard to focus on just like before but they didn’t twist or morph into letters unlike looking at the real thing had caused them to do.

After five hours I had nothing to show for my work except a slight headache and an uneasy feeling in my stomach, Markus was not any better and all though the day had mumbled and talked to himself, the few snatches of words I heard were always about seeing them up close or if only he had the real thing.

We stopped for lunch and he began to badger me about taking to the professor.
“If we can convince him to let us see them again I’m sure we can work this out, the old fool just doesn’t want to admit that after years of failure someone worthy of the tablets has finally come along. maybe if you ask him, He always liked you better than me anyway.

“Hell I don’t even want the doctorate or university job that’s all yours I just need to know what they say, I know its vital knowledge, it may usher us into a new age, how can that dithering old fool stand in the way of that!

Markus’ ranting filled me with an even deeper sense of dread, he spoke like a fanatic with a kind of religious zeal that chilled and repulsed me.

I tried to calm him down.

“It’s not his fault they still don’t know why we fainted, even you think there might have been a gas leak or some hallucinating.”

He mumbled some reply and walked back out to the desk filled with books, notes, scribbles and two enlargements of the tablets and got back to work.

By the end of the day we had a possible proof that the language we were looking at was a precursor to all known ancient languages, this in itself was a breakthrough of unprecedented size and importance. Markus could not of cared less, he was obsessed with translating the tablets nothing else mattered to him.

That night despite being in what should have been a dreamless sleep I had the most terrible nightmares, scenes of terrible destruction and pain. always those not quite right shadows with forms that seemed vaguely amorphous and the overwhelming feeling of hate raiding from them.

I didn’t go back and help Markus again, and I only went back to the university to sit my exams.


The mysterious nine are an ancient indian  society that has tasked themselves with holding back the flow of “harmful” knowledge from the hands of those that will use it for evil.

Started in BC 237 by Emperor Asoka who after an amazingly bloody conquest of India turned pacifist and philanthropist and set up the secret society with nine men of incredible knowledge tasked with discovering and storing and keeping secret all the knowledge of their fields each tasked with a specialty deemed potentially harmful to mankind. To keep in their book secrets to help guide the world in the use of those ideas when the time was right.

The books of course are no longer just books but stores of knowledge, some ancient secrets long hidden others cutting edge research blanketed for its potential harm.

Possibly the most important is the one on human physiology, this is the one that has given the nine mystery men immortality and enabled them to live for the last two millenniums based on secrets gathered from the near and far east back when Asoka first started the society.

This book holds many other secrets from cures for diseases to greater strength and flexibility in the human body, practices to increase the senses and unlock talents humans don’t even know they have.

This society has been part of the force that covers up the existence of aliens and also slowly integrates the technology’s of alien races into the mainstream technology of our world.

I will continue to revel both the knowledge and the practices of this society as best I can, but even I do not know the names of these nine men