The Tablet pt 4

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Stories
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I woke up in the university medical center groggy and at first not remembering what had happened or what I had seen.

“Oh good your awake” Christie was sitting next to my bed staring at me with concern in her eyes. “I’ll go tell the professor he’s  in with Markus, you both collapsed down in the basement lucky you didn’t break anything” she continued as she left the room.

It was then my memory returned and I remembered those hateful, insubstantial, inhuman creatures fear knotted my stomach and sat like a stone as my mind was once more paralysed with fear.

The entrance of the professor shook me from my terror and snapped me back to the world of the living, although a certain level of anxiety still sat below every thought.

“Quincy lad good to see you up again you gave us quite a fright the two of you fainting like that all at once. I’ve put a complaint in to the biology department I’m sure they must have let some sort of gas build up down there” he said in an irritated tone
“never did trust those biologists, all a little to keen to be cutting up animals and playing with chemicals they don’t understand, bunch of cowboys!”
By the end he was ranting and probably would have continued for a while more had Christie not interrupted.

“Are you feeling ok now Quincy? Markus came to about ten minutes ago but seems a bit strange didn’t want to talk and asked if he could get back to look at the tablets again.”

“Hmm quite impossible of course untill we get to the bottom of what caused your fainting” Professor Lewis cut in

“Yes” he continued “whole basement has been locked up until we make sure its safe, lot of research put on hold, whatever this gas is it better not damage any of the artifacts or those biologists will have a lot more to answer for I tell you, yes indeed heads will roll. Damn frog botherers!”
The professor ended almost shouting.

I placated them telling them I felt fine and would rest up and get well as soon as possible so that they would leave. The whole time all I could think of was talking to Markus and finding out what whether he saw what I did, and if so why on earth he would want to see the tablets again.

Eventually they left, leaving me to try to think through my encounter. The more I did the tighter the knot of fear became in my stomach.

About five minutes later Markus walked through the door, he looked even worse than before, somehow thinner more hollow his hair sat limply just above his eyes.

“Did you see it too?”
The words shot out of my mouth

“Of course I saw it, it was marvelous wasn’t it? the way the symbols danced and rearranged themselves, I was just beginning to make sense of it all when I woke up here” Markus practically gushed with enthusiasm in stark contrast to his visible state.

“Thats why we need to see the tablets again I’m sure I can translate them if I get another look…” his words trailed off as he saw the look of abject horror on my face.

“Wh… whats wrong?” He asked sheepishly.

“What wrong?! Didn’t you see that hateful eldrich terror, didn’t that tentacled beast reach out for you while speaking death!
Don’t you have fear weighing like a stone in your gut?!”

He looked shocked “no nothing like that just the tablets and the symbols dancing and morphing, tell me everything you saw.”

I proceeded to recount my experiences to Markus starting from seeing them the first time in the lecture hall, he stopped and quizzed me on minor details and by the end was in a state of disbelief.

He continued In a much calmer fashion
“What if the professor is right and there was some kind of chemical or gas leak and what you saw after the moving tablets was a hallucination bought on by those nightmares you’ve been having or maybe stress with exams coming up and stuff like that.”

I couldn’t belive what I heard, the one other person that should be believing me was treating me like a mental case. I was shattered I agreed with him and when pushed to help with his research on the tablets mumbled something about needing to rest and relax.


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