Mongolian death worms

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Cryptozooloigy
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Is there a cooler named cryptid? I think not.

Other than the name what does the Mongolian death worm have going for it? Heaps this is the ideal candidate for homicidal maniac magazines pet of the year.

Lets start with size depending on the species and age these monster worms range from 30cm (1ft) to ten meters (33ft) in length and can weigh upwards of a ton for the larger ones.

Then you have the fire-breathing and the acid spitting both of which are amazingly useful in destroying prey or hunters that get too close. The flame has an approximate top heat of 500 degrees Celsius and the acid is at ph -1 making it similar to pure hydrofluoric acid.

Then if you are unlucky enough to get close to a Mongolian Death Worm you will then see concentric rows of razor-sharp teeth that can chew through an elephants hide in a manner of seconds.

It is no surprise that they were the real reason the Mongolians were such an effective army after years of living alongside these brutes the soft armies of Asia and eastern Europe were a doddle.

While there are stories of Genghis himself managing to tame and ride one. even to me this seems far-fetched (although I don’t entirely discount the story)

Now what to do if you find yourself near one of these monsters.

Well if you are alone you will die. They come up from below you and you will be dead before you know what happened. If you happen to have been in a group and not the first one taken run! Run towards rocks ideally large rocks the acid they can spit has been known to fly up to thirty meters for the larger worms so while you may be safe from a sudden attack you may instead just get your face melted.

You know what for someone as puny as you…

just avoid Mongolia in general.

  1. trenchcoat1 says:

    A bit like tremors, awesome read.


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