The Tablets pt 5

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Stories
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For the next week I tried to forget the tablets ever existed. Shadows slowly started to seem less menacing and, thanks to some self medication I avoided any dreams that may have taken me back to a place where I might have  encountered even a memory of that terrible creature.

My strange burst of motivation and productivity started to wear off as did the figiting and restlessness.

I was about this time that Markus knocked at my door. It was eight in the evening and I was just sitting down to read and enjoy some tea when I heard the knock. When I answered I saw him there looking pale and undernourished with a fevered look in his eye and a twitch to his stance. I invited him in and offered him some tea
“Yes, tea would be wonderful thanks Quincy.”

He took his seat hand tapping on the table and launched into a speech.

“Quincy I’m here to seek your help , I’ve made great breakthroughs on the tablets, I’ve found them as a root to possibly all language the world over but also shown that it has complex grammar and verbage the equivalent if not more sophisticated than that of a modern language. It is simply incredible it is quite probably the language of an ancient race as advanced as we are or at least with a language as advanced. Dont you see this is a greater find than even the professor imagined This could unlock secrets never before imagined or tell us more of our past than we are ever likely to know through any other way.”

He looked at me expectantly.

“Well will you help me? I haven’t been able to see the real tablets just the photo’s the professor used in his slides. That has given me lots to work with but no luck actually reading the language, translating what it says could be the biggest breakthrough since the Renaissance.”

I was speech less. I just stared at him dumbfounded.

“Well Quincy? I know that together we can figure it out, you’re the only other person to see the symbols move.”

I still don’t know why I did it but I agreed telling him I wouldn’t go look at the real tablets ever again but if we were only using the photos I would give it a shot.
He agreed and we decided to start early the next morning at seven o’clock in the university library.


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