The Society of the Mysterious Nine 1

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Mysterious Nine
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The mysterious nine are an ancient indian  society that has tasked themselves with holding back the flow of “harmful” knowledge from the hands of those that will use it for evil.

Started in BC 237 by Emperor Asoka who after an amazingly bloody conquest of India turned pacifist and philanthropist and set up the secret society with nine men of incredible knowledge tasked with discovering and storing and keeping secret all the knowledge of their fields each tasked with a specialty deemed potentially harmful to mankind. To keep in their book secrets to help guide the world in the use of those ideas when the time was right.

The books of course are no longer just books but stores of knowledge, some ancient secrets long hidden others cutting edge research blanketed for its potential harm.

Possibly the most important is the one on human physiology, this is the one that has given the nine mystery men immortality and enabled them to live for the last two millenniums based on secrets gathered from the near and far east back when Asoka first started the society.

This book holds many other secrets from cures for diseases to greater strength and flexibility in the human body, practices to increase the senses and unlock talents humans don’t even know they have.

This society has been part of the force that covers up the existence of aliens and also slowly integrates the technology’s of alien races into the mainstream technology of our world.

I will continue to revel both the knowledge and the practices of this society as best I can, but even I do not know the names of these nine men


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