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Last time I let you know about the society and the first and most important book, now its time to learn about two of the other books.

The first Is the psychology book, this deals with techniques of propaganda and psychological warfare as well as the sciences  for manipulating mass opinions and sculpting the attitudes of society at large, this has been a large part of why they have been able to stay secret all this time and while it holds great secrets it is the book with the least advantage over mankinds talents. One of the few things your governments do well is propaganda (as I mentioned in this and this post)

The next book holds the secrets of  microbiology, with its vast potential to create and manipulate microbes that could save or wipeout mankind, there is strong evidence that they caused the black plauge and spanish flu as well as beinh responsible for the american small pox enocide. All to cover up knowledge that had been discovered before its time. The book also contains information on beneficial microbes for medicinal purposes or purification. Legends hold that the Ganges River is purified with microbes designed by the Nine Unknown Men with the use of this book.

As you can see the Nine hold an immense power and are unafraid to wield it. I will be back to tell you more as I know it and if I’m lucky I may son find and question one of these supposedly benevolent super men.



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Insanity is a strange concept to try and think rationally about. How do you come to understand something that by definition is unrational. How rational are we to start with? Do we really know our own thoughts or are we just a child king? our concioeness just riding on top of decisions that are out of our hands and then just justifying them after the fact.

Is insanity really doing the same thing over and over and hopeing for a different result. Because at a quantum level is there ever the same thing or not a different result?

How does one delusional person that belives plainly false ideals get held up as a challenge to the staus quo making the system think, when another that has a legitimate concern with a faulty system is called a danger, rabble rouser or even terrorist? Even when the first puts lives at risk and the second doesn’t?

Why is it that insanity is deemed brilliance in some and a desease in others? That some obsessions are considered virtues and others vices. That apathy is seen as better than empathy.  Why is the cinic considered the voice of the wise but optimism the symptom of a dull mind or at best a naive one.

So yeah thats something. Go chew on those tasty thought biscuits and see what falls out.