Fortean 1: An Introduction

Posted: December 3, 2015 in Fortean
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Fortean? What is a fortean I hear you ask. Fortean is a broad term meaning paranormal, unexplained or just plain weird.

For my purposes it will be things you belive are myths be they goblins, wood-elves, poltergeists or cults. This is where I will tell you about the weird the wonderful and the unexplained. The events and creatures that don’t fit into some of the other categories I already have, that aren’t quite important enough to have their own category but are to important to not tell you about.

This is the realm of the fortean and I welcome you all with open arms so long as you have open minds.

This is where we explore the part of the map marked here be monsters. I will shine a light into the dark corners that science ignores and show you all the gritty details that don’t quite make sense.

So stay tuned and enjoy, a storm is coming and this time you should not take shelter but run outside and scream at it!


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