Two for the price of one

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Stories
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Here are two very short stories for your wonderful faces to absorb.


Blood leaked into my right eye from a multitude of cuts covering the right side of my head, that was where the bottle had shatered, I put my left hand up to stem the flow and pulled away shaply after finding in a rather painful fashion that glass was still imbedded in my scalp and now also my hand. I limped on with my left leg almost certainly broken that was where I had been hit with the pipe and my right leg had a large gash along my thigh that was shallow but quite long and reopened with every step, that had been caused by a kitchen knife.
My right hand hung limply from a dislocated shoulder after being thrown into a wall. Breathing was painful and laboured Almost certainly a punctured lung from the two maybe three broken ribs after being hit with a bat from behind.

I cracked my swollen lips in to a gapped and bloodied smile and  let out a small chuckle before it turned into a gasping bubbling cough.

It had been a good night.


One foot in frount of the the other, on and on feet bearly lifting off the ground inching forward one step at a time.

Snow clinging to my coat and cold soaking through my bones. I cant remember when I last felt warm, and I can’t imagine ever feeling warm again.

How did it come to this I was a hero once, unbeatable, the greatest of all time and now…
best not to think about now, I just keep walking if I stop I might never start again.

Left, right, left, right always onwards always on the verge of falling never hitting the ground.

The pain isn’t even a part of me anymore,  the numb feet, the creaking knees, the aching back, they all belong to someone else I am no more, I am only the truge now. Never stoping never ceasing relentless I am the inescapable trudge.

So there you go. Hope you enjoyed it.


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