Werewolves : 1 Know your enemy

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Werewolves
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Since time immemorial people have feared wolves and feared more the men that related to them. Its time I explained more about these amazing creatures and the people linked with them.

There are four kinds of werewolf the first is the Lycanthrope or classic werewolf. this is the poor soul cursed to turn into a wolf during every full moon. Cursed after being bitten by a werewolf themselves they become a tortured soul cursed to live forever.

The second is the wolfman the half wolf half human hybrid a twisting of the Lycanthrope curse that leaves them being forced to turn into a wolfman during a full moon but gives them the ability to change at will during other periods. This is the one most commonly used in pop culture in movies like underworld or teenwolf.

The third is the wolf runner a peraon who can telepathically talk with wolves and who has a wolfs heightened sense of sight and smell and can access the dreams of wolves.

The final is a warg a person who can leave there body behind and slip into the skin of wolves and live life as a wolf or control them and use their strengths to full advantage.

So now you know the wolves and what your up against all four of these cursed or talented souls are extremely loyal and make great companions and friends, but equally they will destroy you with a relentless determined fury if you cross them.

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