The tasmanian devil is dying!
Between habitat loss and a terrible contagious cancer there is a good chance that they wont see the end of the decade.

Which is sad and bad publicity for Australian tourism so it produced a flurry of activity from the Australian govenment to save the devil, they can’t let it go the way of the tasmanian tiger. This was great and a chance for the australian government to make the world a better place and have propaganda that was true for a change.

Except they went too far they gave funding to disreputable people with terrible morals, scientist’s too busy thinking about whether they could that they didn’t think about whether they should, and the results may be catastrophic for the world. (Much like that dinosar movie, theodore rex)
You see via genetic engenering they have created the flying devil.

The flying devil is going to be the worst pest species the world has ever known.
While curing its cancer they have also managed to make it immune to most if not all deseases, increased its lifespan up to an estimated one hundred and fifty years and for some terrible unknowable reason given it leathery bat wings thus granting it the ability to travel large distances with ease.

They are slightly smaller than the regular tassie devil but have twice the bite force and are much more agressive.
This is more agressive than creatures that rutinely stop half way through mating to attack each other. This is more brutal than that!

And most unfortunately they are already loose. I have a confirmed sighting from just two days ago from a reliable sourse and the government is alredy putting up signs to warn people. See below
Look out people it’s going to be a long summer.


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