Jhonny pt 1

Posted: January 15, 2016 in Stories
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Ever wonder why your stomach doesn’t eat you? Or why your Intestines don’t come out when you deficate? How about why when you have a fever your eyes don’t boil and oozoe out of their sockets? Or maybe why your whole face  doesn’t peel off after a sunburn? Me either but if you spend time with Johnny you’ll hear questions like that all the time.

Johnny was always a odd child he was five years yonger than me and since about six years old, when his first pet hamster was eaten by a passing badger, hes been morbidly obsessed with why terrible gruesome things don’t happen more often. As far as he was concerned everyone should be dying of some horrible malady all the time and it was a miracle that anyone lived at all.

After ten years it was getting a bit tireing, always with the constant morbid questions, every time he learnt something new straight away he had a new question as to why it didn’t kill us all the time. When he learnt about sound waves he wondered why it didn’t burst our ear drums and liquifiy our brains, when he learnt how cell phones worked he wondered why we didn’t boil like in a microwave every time the phone rang, when he learnt about quantum physics he wondered why we didn’t occasionally fall through and then fuse with the floor or why we didn’t just explode with all our atoms similtaniously shooting in different directions or implode when they all went in one direction.

It was exhausting and then Johnny  found a website about conspiracy theroys and all of a sudden it was questions about aliens and government experiments and the illumnate and I had just about had enough, so I decided to scare him straight, I gave him a couple of books on the paranormal and on wierd cults and cryptids, stuff that would really make him think and if I was lucky shut him up at least for a little while.

It worked for about a week or two until he got to a book about nostroduamus, It mentioned that he used all these ocult books and forbidden knowledge in order to make his predictions, well from that moment on Jhonny thought maybe he could do that to, maybe that could answer the questions he was always having and couldn’t figure out himself.

At the time I thought it would be harmless and it had stopped him asking me questions all the time so I took him to obscure book shops and libraries In increasingly dank and dusty building’s in worse and worse neighborhoods and every time he would come out with another book or three and a lead on a new book shop to visit.

Untill finally he hit the jackpot right in the middle of the city down a couple of cramped and winding alley ways and under what must have been a bridge from when the city was first built who knows how many centuries ago was an old shack that looked like the books stacked from floor to ceiling were the only things holding it up.

I went in with Johnny and while he went off looking in the back for more obsurce 14th century occult writings I looked to see if a place like this had any sci-fi, I was sorley disappointed. After about half an hour I started looking for Johnny and found him talking with a middle-aged man with plain features and an accent I couldn’t quite pick who called himself Kali. He was pulling book after book down from the shelves for Johnny and saying things like this one is great for norse and pagan rituals this one has some great insights into the druids of acient Europe, this one will help you if your interested in kabalahist practices, and then he reached up pulled a large leathery tome off the very top of the shelf, I had somehow missed seeing it up there dispite it being the size of a phone book. This one he said needed to be read last and was the most important and the oldest by far and that while a copy, the original predated the pyramids.

All up he had handed Johnny about twenty books, some of them looked hundreds of years old and I knew he couldn’t afford them all, when I mentioned it to Johnny the man laughed and said cheerfully don’t worry the books are on me, I like to see the youth take an interest in these old ways I consider it an investment in the future. Something about his smile was unsettling.


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