Fortean 2: Goblins

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Fortean
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Our first stop on our Fortean journey takes us to Africa and the goblin plague of the last few years.

As documented here in the Telegraph were goblins were attacking school girls and forcing an investigation by the Zimbabwe education department.

Or if you prefer…

This article from the watchtower that tells of the hospital that closed down due to goblin attacks on nurses and the investigation again by the Zimbabwean government.

Or maybe this article by the mirror that tells of a police station that was abandoned due to a dumped goblin.

Or this man who bought a South African goblin that then turned on him and forced him to flee for his life. WeekinWierd

All of these have occurred in the last 4 years and only touch the surface of the goblin menace. Now goblin is just the western name for a menace that has plauge africa for years the “tokoloshe”

Depending on who you ask the tokoloshe is either a creature summoned or created by a witch doctor to curse his enemies or a mischievous water spirit.

Either way both have the ability to turn invisible both are short and very ugly but can temporarily take the form of children or monkeys to help thier mischief.

The way to get rid of these terrible creatures is inexact at best. You could spend large amount of money to get the local (or not so local) shaman to come and free you from the curse and banish the creature back to the void, this may  or may not work but is the easiest course of action.

Your best bet is to catch and decapitate the goblin this is obviously both difficult and dangerous, people don’t flee their homes to escape from goblin kindness.

Your final option is to trap it in the building that it treats as it’s home and then burn it to the ground. Burn the whole thing down. Leave all the furniture, your possessions and anything else be it valuable or sentimental, too bad burn it down it’s your only real hope.

Just like these people did according  to the Zimbabwe herald. Wow.

So stay safe and stay away from goblins.


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