Posted: February 5, 2016 in Cryptozooloigy
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Ahools are enormous carnivorous bats that inhabit the rainforests of Indonesia. These terrifying creatures have a wingspan of up to 3 meters.

They are named after the bone chilling call they make as they are swooping on their prey.

ahools are covered in a thick dark fur like fruit bats, but unlike their smaller cousins they have long, powerful legs and claws and are capable of pouncing on and snatching up prey up to about 50 kg in size so a small person or a child is ripe for the taking.

While known abiut by the native javians for years it was first introduced to western science by  Dr. Ernest Bartels when he fou d them while exploring the Salak Mountains on the island of Java.

The Ahool is a wonderfully terrible creature that will pounce on sheep and goats mainly but will happily take a child. Unfortunately human meat is much tastier to them and once they have eaten human flesh will seek it out strongly.

Due to their distinct call before attacking they are much easier to dodge and avoid than the normal terrifying sky monster. A well times dive or ducking under a tree or bush.

Unfortunately they can not hold the weight of a rider and ao are not worth capturing as they are far to stupid to be trained to do anything useful.

If you do happen to come across one of these creatures in your common trek through the Javan rainforests just run away its not worth your effort.


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