Jhonny pt 3

Posted: February 12, 2016 in Stories
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It was when we were looking for the lost pets that we found the first of Johnny’s grotesque experiments. I’ll save you the more gruesome details but some of the neighbors kids stumbled upon what was left of the Petersons pet kelpie. It was missing it’s brain, it’s skin and it wss nailed up between two trees with some strange markings carved into its exposed rib cage and jaw bone.

This was when the queations started again. What happens when you die? does how you die effect what happens afterwards? Can you do things to make your afterlife better?  Can you do things that make someone elses worse? Can you trap a soul and make it your slave?
What the hell was as I supposed to do with questions like that? I’m no priest.

But it did make me think that was what Jhonny needed now. I talked to his parents about it and they agreed to get the school psychologist Mr Western to come pay him a visit one day after school.

The psychologist was a small overly enthusiastic man with beady eyes and a small crooked nose who was constantly smiling and nodding, ozzing positiveity like only self help gurus and life coaches can. He was very confident that Jhonny was jist a little sullen and depressed and was using the books as an escape a refuge to get lost in. He was sure he could get Jhonny to open up and share the real underlying problem and get the healing started. At least he was before he entered Johnny’s  room.

When he came out he was grey faced and wide eyed. We tried to talk to him to see how the session went. To see if he thought Jhonny needed more serious help or if he was ok.

All he managed to choke out was “I.. I have…. it was all… lies…. terrible… why…” and then he walked out the door slowly shakibg his head got in his car and left in a hurry.

The next day I asked Jhonny if Mr Western had caught up with him at school and how the talk had gone.
He smiled and said that Mr Western hadn’t come in that day. The look in his eyes was one of fire not of hate but of pure madness bearly controlled, no hint of the smile on his face touched those eyes.

It would be after all this had come to fruition and the worst was over that I found out Mr Westerns fate. Talking one day to the schools principal I learned that Mr Western had gone home right after seeing Jhonny and hung himself. He had stayed there until the neighbors complained about the smell, but by that time he was no longer hanging and was more pooling on his kitchen floor. With a rope hanging above.

The note he left was mostly gibberish something about an ancient ones return, the sky turned black, death, pain. I never really got a full story from the principal but there was enough in common with what we were about to find in Jhonnys room that it chilled me and left me in no doubt that it was his doing. That whatever madness had possesed him he had shared with Mr Western and his mind could not withstand the blow.


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