The Society of the Mysterious Nine 3

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Mysterious Nine
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And so once more we vist the the nine men who shape the world from the shadows, they have even more influence than I had though while the forth “book” Is on alien Intelligence coving how to communicate with them and use their technology, It also covers  ways to kill weaken or disable them at first I thought this was just about the Lizard people but the more I dig the more species I find they have information about. This could explain why none of the alien races has yet attacked or even acknowledged that they exist they may have mind control or blackmail over every alien race on eath (except yeti)

The fifth book is on the subject alchemy and specifically the transmutation of metals, It could be that newton managed to get a look at this book or at least was left hints about it and that was why he spent the second half of his life searching for the philosophers stone and the secret to transmute lead to gold. The knowledge in this book goes far beyond just the simple lead to gold though and it used to balance shortages of certain resources as well as preventing over abundance of others. They are the reason we don’t yet run out of oil and why plutonium is so rare in nature, among other things.

So keep an eye out and remember  if you see something say something.



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