Jhonny pt 4

Posted: February 24, 2016 in Stories
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After a week of hearing nothing from Mr Western. I didn’t know what to think I didn’t know his horrible fate yet, on the surface at least Jhonny was getting better, he came out of his room more was more talkative he even smiled periodically.  Always those to cheary smiles that left his eyes untouched. His parents bought it and thanked me for my concern and for being such a good friend and helping Jhonny through his rough patch. I didn’t bother telling them I thought it was an act so we would leave him alone. I wish I had.

This was when he started with more questions again but they seemed forced like he was asking them because it was expected. Things like whats the deadliest snake on earth? or why don’t we just bleed constantly when we get cut? These weren’t Jhonny questions and I was more worried than ever.

The next week I got word that my Grandma who lived a few hundred kilometers away had died and me and my brother packed up my old beat up toyota and went on a trip to pay our respects and comfort our mother.

It was two days after we arived that I got a call from Jhonnys parents they were almost hysterical. Jhonny had gone missing he hadn’t come home from school the day before and they thought maybe he caught a ride with me but didn’t tell them. I told them I was sorry but Jhonny hadn’t come with me and that I had no idea where he might have gone. They thanked me and hing up abruptly leaving the line beeping.

The funeral was the next day it was a good time remembering grandma Tess, afterwars I managed to convince my brother to catch a ride back with one of our cousins and set off back home to help search for Jhonny.

When I got home I went straight to Johnny’s place where I met his parents and asked what was going on.

They explained that the day after I left Jhonny hadn’t come home from school and after ringing the school they found out that he hadn’t gone to school that day at all. They rang a few of his other friends and had no answer. That was when tgey called me. After that they had called the police and filed a missing persons report. They said the cops had done a quick search of his room then sent out a couple of patrols to look for him and spread his discription state wide.

I asked if I could look in his room.  His parents aproved and I went up and had a look.

The room was littered with the books I had taken Jhonny to look for almost every surface was covered in an old archane looking tome left open to revel strange diagrams or symbols wierd sketches of creatures that couldn’t of been of earthly origin.

I couldn’t find the big leather tome Jhonny had been given and told to leave till last it looked like maybe he had taken it with him. I didn’t know why but this filled me with a sense of dread.


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