Posted: February 26, 2016 in Cryptozooloigy
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As you well know the megladon is a “real” animal and not a cryptid as such except that it is thought to have gone extinct five million years ago.

I claim that it never went extinct and that this beautiful monstrosity of the sea is still out there eating whales and giant squid as it always has.

Unlike some recent “documentaries” that claim it to be real only to then say just kidding its dead. I have no alterier motive in getting lots of traffic as the six of you who read this don’t seem to care what I put out but back to the megladon.

As the picture at the top shows they can grow to about 18 meters in length with teeth up to half a foot in length (shown below)1445812093337

These monsters of the deep have survived the mellniums by living deep in the antarctic in lakes deep below the glaciers coming out and eating migrating whales but rendered mostly harmless due to a state of mild hibernation bought on by the cold temperatures. Thanks to the rising sea levels these creatures will soon wake up fully and once morw spread terror through the seas.

Between megladon and the return of the kracken we are heading for a new age of sea monsters. I couldn’t be happier to be alive.



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