Conspiracy Theroy 21: POTUS Trump

Posted: March 3, 2016 in Conspiracy theory's
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It is looking more and more likley Trump will soon be the Republican candidate for the US presidential election. Even more worrisome is the fact that he has a good chance to actually become the POTUS, this should be the joke line for a sitcom not a serious political discussion.

Trump is in a word amazing.  He has done things and said things that a normal political candidate could never have gotten away with and while threatening to deport scores of mexicans still has a strong Mexican support base he seems somehow built to be a political candidate and looks set to leave his rivals in the dust in the Republican race.

Then his rivals are Hillary Clinton who is disliked at best and Burnie Sanders who is a self confessed socialist. They are running neck and neck right now. If a socialist can become president in the United States then I can become a ballet dancer and Hillary still might lose to him thats how unsteady her run is.

So Trump may soon be the president much to the dismay of the Lizard people who were hoping for an another Bush Clinton election so they would remain in power either way.

Trump surprisingly has no link to any of the secret societies or alien groups that normally pull the strings on these sort of “elections”. This has more to do with most of them not having previously taken him seriously thinking that no one would be able to think he was a credible candidate. They underestimated their own powers with dumbing down the population and it has fianlly back fired on them with a significant portion of the US population now beliving Trump would make a good president.

A lot of comparisons have been made about Trumps Nazi similarly so I won’t go in to that right now, suffice to say that for the first time in years a lizard president may be the lesser of two evils. Then again this could be the catalyst that finally kicks of the revolution and wakes the people up

All I know is it’s going to be interesting to watch.images


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