Jhonny pt 5

Posted: March 9, 2016 in Stories
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While looking for a note or something that might give a clue to where Jhonny had gone I stumbled upon one of Johnny’s note books hidden in the back of his closet.

Inside were  chants written in a language I had never seen and diagrams showing how he had mutilated the lost pets. Along with this were written the ramblings of a mad man things that chilled my blood and froze my soul. Amongst his ravings were long passages devoted to the ancient one and the age of pain that would soon be ushered in through unholy sacrifice and ancient ethereal magic.

The final two pages were taken up with an elaborate spiral that seemed to defy geometry. I’m sure it was just an optical illusion but the whole thing seemed to pulse and move like it was somehow alive. I remember huting the book and hurling it across the room. When we went back later there was no trace of the fiendish thing, I still don’t know if that was a blessing or a curse, but it still doesn’t sit right within my mind.

After aeeing the diagrams and realising that Jhonny was the one killing the pets I headed down to the creek wondering if maybe I could find him there.

I went to the spot that the Petersons dog had been found and started to look for any sign that Jhonny might have been there recently. It didn’t take long there was a well worn trail lwading from the creck bes up in to the small hills to the east. I followed it and found an old mine shaft it must have been abandoned at least a hundred years there hasn’t been minning in town for at least that long. The wood blocking the entrance though was freshly broken and I could see footsteps leading in and out of the new hole. I knew Jhonny had to be in there.

I walked about forty meters into the mouth of the mine shaft and stopped the light was almost completely gone at this point and i wasn’t sure whether I should go back or keep looking. As I stopped I thought I could hear something. A dull chanting noise more felt than heard called to me from the dark opening. I continued on. Im sure how deep I went but there was corner after corner the chant getting louder and louder. I still couldn’t tell you if I really heard it or if it originated in my head. The a slight changeto the gloom as a faint glow appeared around one of the corners.

I crept around the corner slowly gripped by a sense of dread and a morbid curiosity. what I saw still haunts me

Jhonny stood before a fire with rune carved bone placed in intricate patterns covering the floor chanting from the large volume he had been given all those weks ago. But what haunted me was shadows sourounding the cave seemed to be chanting back swaying in time with the chant and growing more solid with each syllable. They seemed to be taking form.

I’m not ashamed to say I turned and ran something in me broke when I saw those shadows start to take on form. I couldn’t tell you what happened in the next twelve hours I awoke in a police holding cell. They said they found me running naked along the highway speaking in disjointed bursts about some shadow men and great evil screaming out that we were all doomed.

It took awhile to convince the officers that I was sane. I stopped talking about anything I saw in the cave and just focused on the fact that I thought I knew where Jhonny was.

Eventually they let me take a couple of officers to the mine shaft and using torches this time traversed down looking for Jhonny. We rounded a bend and came across an old campfire that was still warm and a room filled with rune carved bones no longer in the intracite patterns but strewn around haphazardly. But there was no sugn of Jhonny and no sign of the book.



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