Fortean 3: Giants

Posted: March 11, 2016 in Fortean
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Giants are everywhere or at least they were not so much these days but they are without a doubt a part of our past.

From giant 64 pound sledgehammers found in Orme in Wales ancient  Sumerian stone carvings (shown below)  giant burial mounds and remain found in the Americas (also below) or the biblical accounts of Goliath and the giants of Cannan.




Most ancient tales, historys, stories or myths show evidence of giants and there are countless instances of modern people who are 8ft or more showing that in our genes are the possibilities of a race of giants.

The real story is why they seemed to be so much more prevalent in the past and seem so few today.

To that I have no answer but I ask you to look into it but I do leave you with a ridiculous opinion  (its what I do best)

Giants have sied out in modern times due largely to the fact of their size. While the size was a physical advantage it also meant that housing had to be made bigger that on the battle field they made a bigger target. Due to their large size are giants were more likely to damage property or other people either by accident or on purpose and would be ostracized for this and have the hardships that go with that. All that les to them becoming a much rarer sight than in ancient times.


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