Waking pt 1

Posted: March 25, 2016 in Stories
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I woke slowly and it fells like my whole body is shrouded with a sickly fog. My limbs seemed to move as if through water and it took a few minutes to start making sense of the room around me.

It was a cold sterile room I was lying in an old hospital bed with metal sidings and a thin and lumpy mattress, the walls were a washed out very light blue the floor tiles were a dark blue almost black it was so dark.

There were no windows and only one door, painted the same faded blue as the walls the only other object in the room was a small wooden stool sitting at the foot of my bed.

Thoughts started to come a little quicker as the fog started to slowly dispurce in my  head. Why was I here? What was going on? How did I get here? Why couldn’t I remember anything? Who am I?

My thoughts came to a jarring stop as the door flew open and an old man in a white coat with glasses and a clipboard walked in his hair was almost as white as his coat despite being clearly of an old age he had a strength about him and a comanding presence and in a harty boisterous manner he almost yelled in a thick british accent
“Ahh good your up then I see, good good gave us quite the scare for a minute there young lad almost thought we had lost you. Yes nasty stuff. But all is well now, you just relax and get some rest this should help with that.”
With that he slipped a neddle into my arm. I wanted to fight back but I was still too hazy from first waking. Before he even had time to pull the neddle out everything faded to black…


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