Waking pt 2

Posted: April 8, 2016 in Stories
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Voices Disturb me from a restless dreamless sleep I can’t seem to open my eyes but I can start to make out two seperate voices.

“why is he still here, they said it would only be a few days” the first voice a  whiny voice just low enough to be identified as male.

A second smooth vaguely European voice answered “you know how they are everything has to be top secret the likes of us get no look in to what really happens, besides he’s a vegtable they got him on enough drugs to keep an elephant under you have nothing to be scared of.”

“Nothing to be scared of” the first voice replied in outrage. “You know as well as I do about what happened and how those people ended up and he just happened to be the only one left alone not even a scratch. I don’t buy it! Either he did it or he knows them that did either way I want nothing to do with him”

“There you go again always scared and jumping to conclusions. If he did it you think we would be trusted to guard him, or that he would have been picked up by Jeff. Jeffs a damn bearly functioning alcoholic. lucky if that fool is even at work, if he gets here before noon its a good day let alone catching someone with that kind of power. Nah this guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time and just got real unlucky. He ain’t dangerous.”

The first voice huffs “you wont mind looking after him on your own then, I need a slash”  I heard footstep leave the room and slowly fade down an echoing hallway.

“Wanker. how do I always get stuck with this useless idiot jumping at his own shadow. Almost as bad as working with Jeff” he chucles to himself “you ain’t gonna hurt me are you boy” and flicks my foot, I feel pressure but no real sensation then the fog starts to descend and everything turns black again.

I awake at some time in the night the room is completely black I cant see my hand as I wave it in front of my face. The fog seems to have lessened its still there but I can see through it. Unsteady I push my legs off the side of the bed and try to stand. Failing I land hard on the floor as everything goes black once more.

I wake face pressed against cold tiles the tase of blood in my mouth my shoulder throbing the fog sits heavy on my mind like silk draped over my head making it hard to see or think making it hard to breathe. I try to get up but fail again my body has no strength my limbs won’t do what I ask of them. Consciousness escapes me again.


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