Werewolves 2: Defence

Posted: April 15, 2016 in Werewolves
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Alright its time to learn how to defend yourself from all the different types of werewolves as laid out in werewolves 1.

Now the warg and wolf walker are from a mostly physical standpoint just people. Albeit people with exceptional abilitys they have no precise weaknesses or blind spots that don’t effect any normal humans so unfortunately your best defense will be the normal parinoid prepper defense of guns, knives or whatever your chosen implement of murder is.

For Lycanthropes  or wolfmen please see the tips below.

First of all silver get yourself some silver all the old stereotypes and myths about a werewolfs aversion to silver are very true. Sliver bullets in your gun are the go to for the easiest defence but I also suggest silver chains or walking sticks with silver tips and handles. For daily wear I recommend having a silver watch or chain that can be used in a pinch if you are attacked unexpectedly.

Apart from silver there is also quicksliver better known as mercury this will also damage a werewolf. Being a liquid at room temperature this can be tricky but also opens up a lot more options for defence. Having some mercury thermometers around the house makes for a hidden stash incase of emergency. Just remember that this is also toxic to you so it might be worth avoiding.

Most useful in a defensive position though is wolfsbane a plant that werewolves will avoid like the plague. Wolfsbane will cause burns to instantly appear along a werewolfs skin and prolonged exposure will kill them. an assortment of these planted around the edges of your property will effectively create a wall that werewolves will not cross leaving you mostly safe.

Apart from this due to their greatly increased sense of smell things with a strong odour can be a wonderful distraction, chilli power or sulfur are wonderful examples that can temporarily incapacitate them and help you make a get away or go in for the offensive.

Till next time my myth hunting friends.


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