Waking pt 3

Posted: April 22, 2016 in Stories
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Darkness surrounds me I have no sense of direction up down left right all feels the same. I am no longer aware of my body I am just concensness floating through the void.

Pain racks my conseness as everything flashes white, again a shock rips through my mind.

I wake pain shoots through my body the old doctor looms over me.

“Ahh good we have him back”
He teaks my nose causing a painfull jolt to go through my head.
“You’re a foolish boy you know, you have to learn to sit and rest you could have died very easily boy” he smiled slyly
“That would have cost me a great deal of time and effort” he chuckled to himself
“Its cost me a lot getting you here and keeping you alive, you better not waste it all”

With that he turned and left walking out and leaving me to the care of a nurse he called over his shoulder  “put him under and strap him down this time he seems a little to resistant to our sedatives but anymore might cause an overdose”

I beg the nurse to leave me alone but to no avail within a minute she had me strapped down and was priming an injection. All the while my heavy limbs were useless to struggle free. She jabbed me with the neddle and then sunk the plunger I could feel the drug course through my viens for a few seconds before I passed out.

That was when the dreams started both terrible and beautiful, scenes from other worlds with unimaginable landscapes colours unseen by human eyes more felt than seen, vistas streching to eternity laying under a black sun.

Creatures that seemed obsurced by shadow or maybe made of shadows seemed to flow through the landscape and though they never interacted or even  noticed me there was something menacing in there presence, like that of a big cat or a snake, movments that were graceful but somehow conveyed a deadly intent just below the surface.


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