The Society of the Mysterious Nine 5

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Mysterious Nine
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I return one last time to share with you the mysterious of this society of nine. Unfortunately my inquiries have run dry and I have run out of leads to continue traking this society so regrettable as it is hear is the last I can tell you of these things for now.


We will start with another book this o e is all about the nature of light, including increasing or decreasing its speed, bending it to one’s will. This shows up in mythologies the world over as invisibility and cloaking as well as many illusions used to stun and begile enemys and the curious alike. Leaked info from this book has also lead to the currwnt Li-fi discoveries as well as the original discovery of lasers and masors.

The final book is about sociology although so far above what we would currently recognize as sociology as to be an intierly different beast, it is used to predict the paths of certain civilizations and technologies, It is also said to include the immutable rules of the rise and fall of civilizations, as well as the secrets of how to predict the decline of society, and how to stop it or hasten it. These have been used to decide which secrets to revel, which to smother or hide for a time and which are too dangerous and must be perpetually buried. This ninth book is held by the leader of the nine if they can be said to have a leader as he is the only one that has a say in the other books keeping it is also the one that has never been purposely leaked. For if multiple agencies both used the methods and knowledge contained they would no longer work as they should and would lose all reliability.

Unfortunately that is all I can tell you for now but I will find more of the wierd and secret this world has to offer to share with you in future.


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