Waking pt 4

Posted: May 6, 2016 in Stories
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The visions continued to visit me as I slept I saw things that I can no longer explain others that I can no longer remember like a half remembered dream they implant something to my subconscious that my conscious mind might never again know. Other scenes have burned themselves in to my memory and I will never forget them.

The most memorable was of a native tribe somewhere in a rainforst dancing around an onyx statue of a part man part fish creature with tenticles where arms should be surrounded by flames as they chant and place infants at its feet and the surrounding shadows that seem to dance out of time to the flames slowly taking on a form of their own.

Thankfully the vision shifted before the shadows took full form and I never had to see what happened to thoose poor children. But my awareness seemed to jump across the globe as well as the galaxy showing me more strange worlds that defy common sense and I thought would surley destroy my sanity.

I don’t know how long it lasted how many times I lapsed in and out of consciousness in and out of the visions.
But eventually I woke it was dark in the room and a man dressed as an orderly leans over me wisspering.

” keep quite if you want to get out of here”
He glances to the door and turns back to me.

“You have been places you never should have been, seen things no mortal mind can comprehend, but the fools in this place can’t understand any of that and I won’t give them the chance to waste your talent. So I’m going to give you a choice If you like I can slip you this neddle”

he motions to a clear neddle on the table next to the bed.

“That will put you under and you will die a nice peaceful death after a few minutes”

“Or I can cut you free and give you this neddle”

he lifts up a neddle full of yellow liquid that seems to dance and move.

“This will get you up out of that druged stupor that they put you in and give you a chance to escape”

“The choice is yours but be quick.”


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