Waking pt 5

Posted: May 13, 2016 in Stories
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I chose the yellow and he cut me free after administering the drug. Within seconds my mind started to clear, the fog that had so blanketed my mind for so long I hadn’t even noticed it lifted and everything was brighter and sharper.
I could think clearly for the first time since I woke up in this terrible place.

I turned to the orderly

“Now what”

He smiled and pointed to the door.

“Now your on your own, if you go out there and turn left you will find a window half way down the corridor we’re only on the second floor you should be able to climb down.”

He shook his head and said wryly

“Then I suggest you run”

I didn’t know what to think I was stunned, I froze. I snapped back to reality as the orderly slapped me hard across the face and I stagered.

“Go” he hissed at me

“you don’t have long”

I regained my composure and started walking to the door.

“Thankyou… for everything I don’t know why you did this for me but I will forever be in your debt, can I know your name”

He laughed to himself

“Ha oh you poor boy I didn’t do this for you, by the end of all this you will have paid me back many times over. Now go quickly”

“Thank you stranger whatever your reasons”

I ran out the room and climbed out of the window droping the last few meters landing hard but not injuring myself thankfully. I took off not looking back and ran for blocks before breaking into an abandoned old factory. I spent the night there trying to figure out what had happened to me. I still couldn’t remember anything that happened before waking up in that room. It was driving me insane eventually I gave up and fell into a fitfull sleep where I drop into the visons once more.

The next few months were full of sleeping under bridges and in parks untill I finally made a plan to get out of the country, my memories never came back and the visions lessened but never stoped not even now ten years later.

I hoped countries for years but for three years now Morocco as been home I finally feel safe I’ve stopped looking over my shoulder and distrusting doctors.

“So yeah thats my story I suppose thanks for listening and for buying me a drink, I’ve never told anyone I don’t really know why I’ve told you.”

“Guess I just have a trustworthy face young man, I get it a lot”

“I’m sure you do Kali I’m sure you do”


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