The most Regularly talked about of the cryptids the bigfoot lives in its forest home in the american northwest.

The many real sightings of bigfoot are unfortunately discredited due to the spred of misinformation and false “evidence” like the patterson-gimlin film and similar anti bigfoot propaganda.

Bigfoot is a large but shy and easily spooked creature. A large bipedal primate most adult speciman fall between 6.5ft and 7ft in height at approximately 150kg.

The are fiercely intelligent creatures being much smarter than chimps, dolphins, or any other nonhuman mammal native to earth. Despite this they are not able to verbally communicate with humans as some stories would have you belive and are completely untrainable largely due to not wanting to be trained they are stubborn creatures which coupled with there shyness and scittishness leaves them as poor creatures to have as a pet or companion and usless as a working animal.

Despite their size bigfoot are remarkable in their ability to blend into there surrounds to hide in foliage to climb trees and make there nests in places inaccessible to humans or dogs.

If you do manage to spot one of these elusive and majestic creatures in the wild just be thankful and enjoy it try to take a photo or film of it but don’t try to catch or trap it you won’t be able to and when cornered they can become insanely violent and with the size at their disposal they will rip your arms off and beat you to death with them.

So enjoy them from a distance and bask in the luck of seeing them if you manage to.


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