Conspiracy Theory 23: The Elders

Posted: May 27, 2016 in Conspiracy theory's
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The Elders on paper are a group of retired world leaders, statesmen and other high profile people who have held positions of power.

If you go to their web site theelders they will say that they are a human rights group that has the power and conections to call for change while no longer being offically conected to countries or organisation’s and having to worry about political ramifications.

This is of couse a front for a much more sinister goal while covering up any questions as to why these men and women are still meeting with world leaders and masters of industry.

With names like Mandela, Carter and Tutu amongst there ranks it is not the most secretive or low key of organizations.

This is all of course to distract people that find this frightening and to warm up people who don’t pay attention to the idea of an unelected council of elites trying to shape world beliefs.

Of course there is a much more sinister agenda in the background and this is just the first step in the illumnate shadow government starting to step out of the shadows and moving to a role of more prominence.

This is just a small test to see if the world has been dulled enough to accept such government. So far they have had little impact but soon they may start to step in to world events. Be it a climate change summit or the next war to break out or even the trump presidency when it inevitably falls apart.

So they are making the move just wait and see.



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