Fortean 4: The Mary Celeste

Posted: November 29, 2016 in Fortean
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The Mary Celeste was a ship that washed up unexplainably empty, it was discovered adrift and deserted off a small island in the Atlantic Ocean in December  1872.

The ship was found in a sea-worthy condition with all cargo and crew belongings in tact with plentiful provisons and no hint in the ships log as to why it was abandoned ten day before being found. Although the life raft was missing along with all the captains navigation equipment so at least some members left the ship in a surprisingly prepared fashion. None of the crew or officers that had left on the ship a mere month earlier were ever seen or heard from again.

So what happened? Was it as simple as pirate’s attacking finding nothing  of value and moving on? unlikely as the captains sword was found under his bed still sheathed and at least the food and water would have had some value to them.

Could it have been sea monsters a kracken perhaps or giant octopus. while possible the missing life boat and navigation tools point to surviours that thought the boat had to be abandoned but that they could still possibly reach safety.

Aliens maybe? while not impossible and infact highly improbable if a crew member had managed to hide while aliens abducted the rest of the crew he may have, knowing he couldn’t pilot the Mary Celeste himself have taken the navigation tools and tried his luck in the life boat.

My favorite theory though is that the cargo they were carrying was metholated spirts and spilt at some point in the trip releasing fumes that caused the crew to halucenate and panic thinking that they we’re being attacked or that the hold was full of shadow monsters after a possible UFO fly by and they tried to escape on the life raft where they we’re then attacked by a kracken leaving the ship to float and wash up later on that island in the atlantic.

So there you have it the mystery is solved you’re welcome.


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