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The poorly named octagon (that actually has six sides) was built with a variety of odd shaped rooms and closets leaving a wide variety of nooks and crannies. It was built in 1801 one block from the white house by Colonel John Tayloe the 3rd. Known as the richest man of his time Tayloe regularly meet with top political figures like James Madison and Thomas Jefferson and had 15 children.

These children are where the horror starts. During the war of 1812 one of his daughters fell in love with a British soldier. When Tayloe found out there was a mighty argument that according to the colonel ended with his daughter tripping while running up the stairs and falling to her death.


It was shortly after this that his daughter’s ghost came back to re-enact her death. People have reported seeing a flickering candles shadow moving up the stairs as though someone was walking  upstairs with it. Then, there would come a terrible shriek and a thud at the bottom of the stairs. This caused the colonel to pack up his family and move out for a number of years.

They later moved back in and another of Tayloe’s daughters fell into a forbidden relationship and this time her father admitted to pushing her down the stairs and killing her. (Of course being a rich landowner who was friendly with both current and former president’s he avoided charges) this led to a second haunting where the bottom of the stairs is know to grow unnaturally cold and the carpet rolls away on it’s own.


During the civil war the Octagon was used as a hospital and many soldiers complained about banging noises and moans coming from inside the walls. Decade’s later during a renovation the skeleton of a woman was found inside the wall with fists clenched. She had apparently been there since the period between the deaths of Tayloes two daughters. To this day the apparitions as well as cold spots and unexplainable shadows and noises continue although the building is now an architectural museum.

So keep the salt and iron handy.

Till next time turthyness seekers.



So now you know who your fighting and what will keep you safe, but what about when you want to go on the attack to wipe out a danger or exterminate a pack of killers terrorising your home.

Again each wolf type will have a different strategy that needs implementing against them.

First the lycanthrope. these poor creatures are the most likely to not be intentionaly  malicious and may not even know that they suffer from the curse.

None the less during a full moon they will become mindless killing machines and curse any other poor soul that they injure but don’t kill. with awesome healing powers the easiest way to be sure of killing them is with fire, silver or by decapitation. That said enough damage to vital organs will do the job.

The Wolfman will be a tougher opponent they will retain a portion of there human minds and remember everything in either form, they will however be much more impulsive and less capable of complex thought when in wolfman form. This leaves them open to manipulation and traps in ways that an ordiniary foe would never fall for. The best method to deal with them is to lure them into a trap where you have superior numbers, better terrain and lots of ways to trap or kill them.

Next we come to the wolf walker’s these  you will not find as easy foes they are no different to any ordinary person with the exception being they have a heightened sense of smell, a dislike of people, especially crowds and a slight fear of fire. These are the things you will need to use to your advantage. If possible attack them in groups well armed and with fire and foul smelling concoctions to throw off their senses and scare away any wovles they may have convinced to join them.

And finally we come to the wargs these are the most unpredictable most of them go half mad when first learning there powers but the ones that come out the other side will be mentally stronger than any normal person with thought patterns both their own and those of the wolves they control they have none of the weaknesses of the wolf walkers and are incredibly hard to find as they can blend in with any normal people with little effort and have no distinct physical traits that make them stand out and no overt weaknesses to exploit. Your best course of action is to stay vigilant and look for any odd behaviors any sudden change in there demeanor or people who spend lots of time alone. If you do manage to spot one they can however be killed in the exact same way any ordinary person can, you will not require silver or fire or anything else special.

So stay safe and happy hunting my  friends. I’ll be back with more next time till then never stop believing.