Scientist, amateur cryptid hunter, film maker, story teller and terrible speller these are just some of the ways i describe myself to people that will listen.

Please join my ramblings and quests as i delve into the unknown as your guide for this mystical adventure.

Also my first adventure

Well I was born on the 76 day of rataman, the year 12Qd, to a hardworking yeti couple but they were killed by space pancakes who kidnapped me a raised me till I was 12,  I then got very hungry,  after a regrettable incident I was banished back to my yeti people on the moon after what was deemed attempted genocide. I mean really? A third of the population and they call it attempted genocide, if I was attempting genocide i would have committed genocide and there would have been none of them left to banish me! But i digress. I was then sent back and grew up with my own yeti people where i learned the secrets of life and the universe from the greatest yeti philosiphers. I was then banished once again for some “unpleasntness” that i shall not speak of, but as a result came to live here on earth which I have called home for the last 5 years now. oh and I became a geologist at some stage.


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