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The music of the yeti is one of the few things i miss from my time on the moon it was both majestic and ethereal, brutal and demanding all at once it had a quality that is impossible to explain to humans it has a quality to it that not only play on the ears and emotions but conjures images clear as day and smells so vivid you’d swear they were real.

But that doesn’t mean i can’t attempt to bring some primitive yeti-esc music  to the world. this will be happening in the next few months with music to astound and confound you chances are it will be rubbish but you never know it could well be half listenable to.

but anyway keep your ears peeled I’m sure when its ready it will get a shot on here.

but until then listen to Scott Walker the closest you humans have come to real music try Tilt, The Drift, or Bish Bosh and be stunned disturbed or confused by what you hear.

till next fuzzy one signing off.


So it’s been a few months since I last shared an adventure from my past, so it’s time to let you know a little about the universe and earths place in it.

You see while I was banished from the yeti home world I was in fact imprisoned on earth, you see earth is the Australia of the universe it’s the wrong side, full of horrible things and it’s where the pancake people send all there criminals.

The best bit about that of course is that the pancake people are rounded up and eaten almost immediately where as I being a yeti was able to easily survive.

Now you heard how the lizard people and the rangas fight for this world but why? if it is mearly a pimple on the arse end of the universe full of criminals scum, well there is one other thing it has that is quite unique and quite sort after especially by the lizard people.

This is of course the web of the funnel-web spider i wont go into the technical reasons (they are beyond you) but suffice to say it is for a combination of scientific and drug related reasons. The rangas were just an unlucky race that have arisen out of the mish mash of local population and dropped in criminals.

Now this is what has led me from the vast fields and tundras of Eurasia, to the sunburnt land down under home of the funnel-web, Australia is a fitting place for one of the universes most elusive commodities being remote and full of poisonous creatures as well as a climate that try’s it’s hardest to kill you.

Now there was a point to this but i forget what it was as it’s been a month since i stared this post and I’ve only just come back to it….

Oh yes that was it Earth is everything wrong with the universe all rolled into one and yet it works, much like Christopher Walken a man who looks like he was hit by a bus talks like he’s been lobotomized and moves like a scarecrow and yet is an amazing actor and one of my favorite actors in fact.