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Worst Bands Ever

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Lists
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more things that make me shudder you know how it works so lets get started

A-ABBA, possibly the worst band ever from a Eurovision start to the popiest goo ever to be called music

B-Bloodhound Gang, so bad they try to live off having song that mention sex to convince teenagers their cool, close second Bardo

C- Celine Dion, ok not a bad but the cover of ACDC is enough to earn her a spot regardless

D-Does it offend you Yeah!!, yes, yes it does offend me take it away

E-Elvis, seriously with half a dozen good songs your proclaimed the best ever, no chance

F-Four non blondes, bad name bad songs

G- Greenday , you are not punk stop trying to be punk i hate you

H-Human nature, inoffensive pretty boys who can’t sing

I-Isis, slow metal with little grove, not bad live though

J- Jimeriqui. just plain suck

K- Korn, not metal don’t pretend to be

L-Limp bisket, as bad as a chocolate starfish in hotdog flavoured water

M-Marilion Manson, angst filled semi-metal electronica

N-Nsync, crap and to blame for timberlake

O-obidiah,comedy country, no thanks

P- Pussycat dolls, dancing is not singing

Q-Queensrythe, operation mindcrime 1 and 2 are so good the rest so disappointing

R-Rocketts, everything that’s wrong with music somed up

S-Spicegirls, girl power or not they suck

T-The back street boys, so so bad

U-U2, overrated and overlayed

V-Veronicas,the, being a twin should not be your greatest musical ability

W-Wiggles.sadly australias biggest selling export

X-draw between every X band ever

Y-Yollanda b cool, no speak a americano? then get off my radio

Z-Zyclon B, named after deadly gas and horribly racist possibly the worst band ever


and there it is the bands to avoid at all cost


the best Hero’s and villains from movies books TV and anything fiction as always alphabetically




A-Aldo reign, the inglorious basteard

B-Bruce lee, he may be real his legend is myth

C- Chuck Norris, the one the only roundhousekick that goes back and forwards in time

D- Dracula, awesome, calculated and ready to wait

E-Ellen Rippley, she can kill an alien she’s a hero

F-Freddy Kruger, awesome creative good fun

G-Goku, when he went super saian it was awesome

H-Hannibal lector, the cannibal psycho with the monster brain

I-Indiana jones, the whip totting nazi killing archeologist

J-Joker, amazing villan just wants to see the world burn

K-Kirk, Captain of the Enterprise the toughest man to kiss an alien

L- Luke, from Cool hand luke much better than skywalker

M-Martians, from war of the worlds mars attacks they are the evil out there

N-Nukem, duke, he’s here to kick ass and chew gum and he’s all out of gum

O-Obi Won, a true Jedi knight

P-Pug, read the riftwar saga it is awesome

Q-Queen of hearts, the hero of Alice in wonderland

R-Robocop, the ultimate crime fighter

S-Stewie Griffin, before becoming the butt of gay jokes he was the diabolical mastermind

T-Tyrion, my favourite for the game of thrones final winner

U-Undertaker, wrestling great survivor the dead man

V-V, he has a vendetta and a rich vocabulary of V  words

W- Wonder woman, caped crusader with an invisible plane

X-Xena, the list should have a woman in it.

Y- Yagami light, the maker of the new death note world

Z-Zero, conquers the world with the best intellect

and we have the greatest heroes and villains as scientifically chosen by a scientist and what not yeah